PanooBoxes on all levels at SPIEGEL in Hamburg

When the SPIEGEL Group became aware of Panoo, our collaboration initially focused on its traditional use as a multiviewer in the digital newsroom. Even in the planning phase, Panoo was able to score points in the SPIEGEL Group’s editorial offices with its well-known strengths – variety of sources and layouts, ease of use and central administration.

Both SPIEGEL and manager magazin now use PanooBoxes for individual news overviews by the editorial teams.

The ability to adapt to individual customer requirements down to the last detail with regard to the content and layouts to be displayed aroused the curiosity of the IT department at SPIEGEL in Hamburg. Further applications for Panoo were quickly found in collaboration with colleagues from corporate communications.

 For example, a PanooBox at each elevator entry now provides information on the presence and occupancy of the respective floor. In addition, intranet news is announced on the Panoo screens and the homepages of and manager magazin are displayed.

Spiegel - Liftlanding In the entrance area of the SPIEGEL canteen, a digital menu informs employees in detail about the nutritional values, allergens and ingredients of the daily meals with the help of a PanooBox. To ensure an overview of the relevant systems, also the IT support of the SPIEGEL Group has monitoring solutions that have been implemented using PanooBoxes.

Overall, Panoo is seen as a real added value in the SPIEGEL Group and is well accepted by the employees. The introduction of Panoo was problem-free due to the intuitive usability of the PanooRemote. Content created with those tools already introduced and known at SPIEGEL can be integrated in PanooCentral in a practice oriented way – another reason why the introduction of the Panoo system is a success for the colleagues in the IT department.

Spiegel - Noshe/DER SPIEGEL