Set up and control videowalls
with Panoo

Setting up a videowall to meet the needs of users often requires more than just the software that comes with it. Professional use in editorial offices, newsrooms, control rooms and control rooms requires more flexible solutions and must integrate diverse IP sources (IPTV, NDI, web, intranet) and enable simple controllability.

Panoo is the professional system for controlling videowalls, monitor walls and monitoring screens at the workplace.

Monitorring bei der Tagesschau bespielt mit Panoo
Panoo feeds the floating central monitor ring.

The “monitor wall” without walls: In the newsroom of tagesschau.

What does Panoo cost?​

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Panoo for program and layout management of videowalls

Broadcast and media companies, police or fire departments, newsrooms and control rooms in various forms – they all depend on the clear display of information and well thought-out presentation systems. Monitor walls, multi-screen videowalls, digital signage systems can fulfill this purpose.

Uniform control of these systems, regardless of whether a large number of individual monitors or an overall screen is addressed, is possible with Panoo. Various single and multi-view layouts, a wide variety of possible signal sources and the central management of the channels are the distinguishing features of Panoo.

Panoo combines the PanooBox as a videowall controller and signal generator for the monitor wall or monitor, PanooCentral as a management unit for layouts, channels, users and boxes, and the PanooRemote as an easy-to-use remote control for channel and layout switching.

Control program assignments and layouts at every workplace

Ad-hoc switching of the programs displayed on the monitor wall can be performed by any authorized user directly at his workplace using the PanooRemote.

Panoo also allows automatic program switching as well as playlists of moving image and web content (web pages, dashboards, etc.) to be defined and activated on the monitors or videowalls.

Videowall on the desk

Videowall wird mit Panoo gesteuert
Videowall is controlled with Panoo "personal videowall" on an editor's desk at ARD aktuell

Panoo is the option of choice in environments where classic videowalls are not suitable due to space constraints.

Panoo provides the second screen on each individual desk and thus enables the “personal videowall” for each editor.

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