Administrating the Panoo Experience

PanooCentral: Managing Your PanooBoxes

The PanooCentral configuration server offers a browser-based administration interface for configuring and controlling all the PanooBoxes in your network.

With PanooCentral on-site, the admin controls every aspect of Panoo. SoHo installations and decentralized use are enabled by CloudCentral.

User Administration

Authorization of user logins.
Storage of registrations and user preferences.

PanooBox Administration

Register and monitor PanooBoxes in the network.
Update box software remotely.

Program List Management

Management of channel lists (IPTV, web streaming, browser content).
Import and update channel lists from external sources.

Preset Management

Manage layout grids and design your own.
Setup all presets for your users.


Easy-to-use browser-based admin interface.


Password-free authorization via Pin.

Panoo Backend, on-premise or cloud-based

Not only is PanooCentral the configuration backend, it also implements the necessary functions to setup PanooBox and PanooRemote.

In corporate network installations, this is accomplished by exclusive on-premise or cloud-based PanooCentral.

SoHo usage is best serviced via CloudCentral accounts. 

200 IPTV multi-viewers for ARD-aktuell