The Multiviewer for
Newsrooms & Signage

Panoo offers a unique blend of flexibility and power, allowing users to customize their viewing experience to specific needs. With the ability to handle a variety of sources and layouts, Panoo provides a sophisticated level of content control.

Panoo for editors and staff in program monitoring

Use Panoo for editorial program monitoring on the desk of every editor. Benefit from the following features:

  • Vast selection of content sources: IPTV, web, NDI, MS365, static, slide shows and playlists
  • More than 40 practical prefab presentation layouts: Horizontal and vertical, HD and 4k, borderless and framed
  • Individual layouts are possible
  • Ready for Elgato Stream Deck for control room feeling
  • Low learning curve for end users
  • Proven platform among leading newscasters

Beyond the newsroom: Panoo for digital signage

Use Panoo for display of your corporate communication content, digital way finding and internal building information.

Panoo is the versatile tool for managing your digital signage requirements.

  • Control all your information displays from one central stop
  • Entry edition hardware for a limited number of sources available
  • Content planning with calendar functionality
  • Display your content on single screens or groups of displays

Client Stories


Revolutionising Editorial Programme Monitoring with Panoo

Why People Love Panoo

» Panoo is well-designed and can be used by everybody within a very short time. «

» Panoo frees editorial workstations from the cabling of traditional TVs and the error-proneness of classic infrared remote controls. «

» Individual setups for every editor – specific to monitoring needs. «

Oh, and it’s fun to use too!

Evaluate Panoo!

Introducing the Panoo System


Easy-to-use remote app for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Allows users to control all aspects of their PanooBox: Select their preferred multi-window grid layout, have their personal favourites, choose channels to be displayed, and easily control audio source and  volume or switch to fullscreen.


The nucleus of innovation

Does the hard work: PanooBox combines up-to 16* independent sources (IPTV, NDI, browser content, gadgets and apps) into your personal viewing experience.


Administrating users, boxes, and presets

PanooCentral is an administration tool that allows for lean support scenarios. Service hundreds of PanooBoxes at one place in your corporate network, or use CloudCentral for small installations.

*the number of programmes to be displayed concurrently on PanooBox varies depending on video resolution/encoding and other criteria.