Release Notes


PanooBox – P14

System Updates

  • Chromium 111.0.5563.147
  • Pipewire
    For this release, PulseAudio has been replaced with the newer PipeWire audio system. This builds on the features offered by PulseAudio, most importantly in providing better support for audio accompanying video. It reduces latency, which is important in many applications. 
  • Yocto Updates
    Maintenance Updates for most components of the Yocto Kirkstone Release
  • Library Updates for all Panoo Components 
  • Support HP ProDesk G6 Hardware
  • Support for Lenovo ThinkCentre M75q G2 Hardware

What’s New

Jusst Player (JPL)
A new Video Player created exclusively for Panoo. JPL enables Panoo to control every aspect of the Player experience. Built on top of LibVLC, JPL has full support for all the features that the popular VLC player provides.

JPL supports DVB- and Teletext-Subtitles. Controls for selecting subtitle streams have been integrated into PanooRemote.

Audio Channel Selection
JPL supports switching between audio channels. Controls for selecting audio channels have been integrated into PanooRemote.

JPL supports Teletext (Videotext, VTX). Teletext controls have been integrated into PanooRemote. In addition to manually interacting with Teletext, Panoo also supports Teletext channels, which display a single preselected teletext page and teletext playlists, which display a “slideshow” of teletext pages.

Portrait Layouts
The screen orientation of the PanooBox can be configured for portrait layouts. 

Stream Deck
Panoo offers plug-and-play support for the popular Elgato Stream Deck Keyboards. Support is built-in, so all you have to do is connect the USB Device (full compatibility with Stream Deck Mini, Regular, and XL).

USB Audio Devices
Panoo P14 supports many USB Audio Devices out of the box.

Network Configuration Support
In addition to DHCP networking support, Panoo now supports manual network settings.

USB Network Devices
In addition to the built-in ethernet adapter, Panoo now also supports USB Ethernet Adapters.

Customer Root Certificates
Panoo boxes can be configured with a customer-provided root certificate to safely access internal websites over https.


PanooRemote – 14.0.73

What’s New

Interface Improvements

  • Controls for teletext have been added: Select by page number or color button, view opaque or transparent teletext 
  • Controls for audio channel selection have been added.
  • Controls for subtitle selection have been added.
  • Publish current favorites as configuration for Elgato Stream Decks (in Settings).
  • Enhanced “Channels” section: more options and better usability when creating channels or adding existing channels to channel lists

Help Section

  • The help section has been updated

Bug Fixes

  • Editable Channel Lists: The issue with editable channel lists not being properly saved has been resolved.


PanooBox – P13.15

System Updates

  • Proxy Box Enhancements
  • Syncing static content to the box


Box Version P13

System Updates

  • Linux-System Upgrade to Yocto Kirkstone
  • Linux-Intel Driver Update 5.15
  • VLC Media Player 3.0.17
  • MPV Media Player 0.34.1
  • Chromium 105.0.5195.102
  • Library Updates for all Panoo Components

What’s new

  • WiFi Support
  • 802.1x (NAC) Support
  • config-loader for USB-Stick based WiFi and 802.1x configuration
  • Noto Emojis and cjk Fonts
  • timeserver config via box- or family-json
  • Local content: Support for Panoo: (/usr/share/panoo/assets) and asset: (/storage/assets) URLs
  • ffplay: allow ffargs array
  • boxd loop-player
  • MPV: show_label: yes/no/always
  • Improvements to Welcome- and License-Pages
  • Support for NUC11

Bug fixes

  • Swap-Layout (was broken in P12)
  • Suppress Offline-Message at startup


Central – P13-6-g68b4e17

What’s new

  • Development of ContainerCentral. Setting up a Central in containers using scripts
  • Revision of the import and export functionality
  • UI adjustments for family-based rights-management
  • Configurable support mail address


Remote – Version 12.0.392

What’s new:

  • All components of the remote have been updated
  • Certificates for MacOS and Windows have been added
  • Interface: Reload channel lists from Central

Bug fixes

  • Box change after switching off the box not possible
  • Box change page – HTML and CSS fixes