Release Notes


PanooBox – P13.15

System Updates

  • Proxy Box Enhancements
  • Syncing static content to the box


Box Version P13

System Updates

  • Linux-System Upgrade to Yocto Kirkstone
  • Linux-Intel Driver Update 5.15
  • VLC Media Player 3.0.17
  • MPV Media Player 0.34.1
  • Chromium 105.0.5195.102
  • Library Updates for all Panoo Components

What’s new

  • WiFi Support
  • 802.1x (NAC) Support
  • config-loader for USB-Stick based WiFi and 802.1x configuration
  • Noto Emojis and cjk Fonts
  • timeserver config via box- or family-json
  • Local content: Support for Panoo: (/usr/share/panoo/assets) and asset: (/storage/assets) URLs
  • ffplay: allow ffargs array
  • boxd loop-player
  • MPV: show_label: yes/no/always
  • Improvements to Welcome- and License-Pages
  • Support for NUC11

Bug fixes

  • Swap-Layout (was broken in P12)
  • Suppress Offline-Message at startup


What’s new

  • Development of ContainerCentral. Setting up a Central in containers using scripts
  • Revision of the import and export functionality
  • UI adjustments for family-based rights-management
  • Configurable support mail address

Remote – Version 12.0.392

What’s new:

  • All components of the remote have been updated
  • Certificates for MacOS and Windows have been added
  • Interface: Reload channel lists from Central

Bug fixes

  • Box change after switching off the box not possible
  • Box change page – HTML and CSS fixes