200 IPTV multi-viewers for ARD-aktuell

Revolutionising editorial programme monitoring with Panoo

ARD-aktuell‘s new newsroom opened in November 2019. In order to work in a future-oriented cross-media and networked manner, the entire infrastructure was redesigned and the TV coverage in the newsroom was also converted to IP.

In cooperation with ARD-aktuell, 4=1 developed the multiview set-top box Panoo, which revolutionises editorial programme monitoring at the workplace: every editor can individually compile his or her programme from a variety of sources (IPTV, web streams and websites) directly on the spot.

Security and standard conformity are of great importance to ARD-aktuell; the product therefore underwent thorough test procedures on behalf of ARD-aktuell regarding IT security, data protection and accessibility.

As of today, 200 newsroom workstations are equipped with PanooBoxes.

Panoo at ARD-aktuell

» In contrast to conventional SDI-IPTV multi-viewer solutions, Panoo is significantly cheaper per workstation, this means that more workstations can be equipped with Panoo and completely new areas of application are possible. «

» The central management of channels and layouts for each individual workstation considerably improve day-to-day use. In addition to TV programmes, websites and internal status screens can also be displayed in Panoo. «

» Panoo is easy for editorial staff to learn, which is why Panoo is immediately fully operational. «