PanooBox, the Sole Set-top Box
for Individual Multiviewing

IPTV, Webstreams and Browser Content – Multi-view at the Fingertips of your Users

PanooBox is different from any multi-viewer you know: This set-top box allows your users to set-up a truly individual multi-view. Whether they want to control the large wall monitor or the second screen on their desktop: PanooBox, and its companions PanooRemote and PanooCentral, are the platform for individual viewing experiences.

PanooBox – Core Features


Up to 16 independent sources, depending on video resolution / video encoding and other criteria.


Use any IPTV service provider or your own IPTV headend


Each Panoo „tile” can be assigned a „program” from the entire range of contents (IPTV, web streams or web pages, apps, gadgets) – individually by every user


Administration tools allow for flexible Panoo configuration and maintenance (centralize presets and channel lists, remotely trigger software updates)

Remote control

Easy handling for users via software remote control.


Standard hardware.
Yocto-based custom linux.
GDPR compliant.

Administrating the Panoo Experience