Panoo in the multimedia newsroom of Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) in Vienna

In time for the opening in June 2022, the new ORF newsroom on the Küniglberg in Vienna was equipped with more than 60 PanooBoxes.

The complex offers flexible workstations for a total of 356 employees in the areas of TV, radio and online. For the first time, the radio studios of the Ö1 journals are also video-capable (source: Die Presse).

ORF - Gebäude Ansicht

ORF was looking for a multiviewer solution that would allow colleagues to control the screen layout and channel switching from their workstations.

After the first three months of practical operation, the ORF team highlighted the following points of our solution:

  • The assignment of the layouts supplied with Panoo as well as the equipping of channels with different IPTV and web sources was uncomplicated to implement with the help of PanooCentral. The same applies to the configuration and compilation of ORF-specific multiview layouts.
  • The PanooRemote in particular shone with its user-friendliness and the intuitive controllability of the content and layouts offered. The colleagues using Panoo were able to familiarize themselves with it without spending a lot of time. 
  • The practical design of the PanooRemote also covers personally different requirements such as calling up content directly on the user desktop or individual channel and layout favorites.
  • Panoo is the first pure multiview application at ORF. In the past, traditional multiviewer hardware was mostly used. Thanks to the innovative system approach, Panoo could be deployed quickly. The streamlined user interface for all components saves time and effort right from the start during training and ongoing operation.
  • All in all, the use of Panoo is a real relief in the daily routine of the ORF editorial offices. The many options for personalizing the display and program call-up are ideally suited to the flexible workplace concept of the new ORF newsroom.

ORF - Redaktionsraum 2Beyond the classic editorial multiview application, ORF – like other Panoo customers – uses the flexibility of the system for signage applications and internal communication.

For example, the ORF intranet information page, public transport departure times, the ORF LIVE line timeline and various social media usage statistics are displayed on PanooBoxes.
PanooCentral feature requests from the ORF team were implemented promptly – requests for additional import and export functions will be included in subsequent versions of PanooCentral.