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IPTV Multi­viewer

... is aimed at editorial staff who need to keep an overview over diverse content.

PANOO frees editorial desks from the limitations of traditional TV sets and their accompanying cabling and multiple remote controls. PANOO gives you complete overview over multiple content sources like iptv, streams, web and many more as multi view on a single display.


PANOO is a whole system made of three elements:

The modular approach allows for more versatile and flexible solutions overcoming the obstacles of traditional newsroom scenarios.


For Editorial Desks and Vidiwalls

The PANOO BOX is built by a software suite that is installed on standard hardware, such as Intel NUC devices (set-top-box). It can be connected to any given display from a standard desktop monitor to TV control room vidiwalls. Each PANOO BOX is registered with PANOO CENTRAL for easy administration.

Vidiwall feed can be controlled by several users simultaneously in complex studio or newsroom scenarios.

PANOO BOX - core features

  • Split screen display of up to 16 simultaneous IPTV, webstream and browser sources.
  • Easy handling for your editorial staff via PANOOs unique Desktop Remote Control.
  • PANOO can be operated from several workplaces at the same time.
  • Each PANOO layout “tile” can be individually assigned with a program from the entire range of the preconfigured channel list (IPTV, streaming or web content).
  • One-click full screen toggle function for each PANOO content tile.
  • Practice oriented administration tools allow for flexible PANOO configuration and maintenance (channel selection, re-start and power on/off)

Up to 16 Simultaneous IPTV Programs, Webstreams & Browser Content

PANOO Splitscreen

The PANOO BOX is capable of displaying a maximum of 16 different sources at once. These sources can be any given combination of IPTV programs, web video streams or browser content – maybe even a FLYPSITE social wall.

Scope of delivery for PANOO box software

  • Special PANOO customized LINUX operation system.
  • Tools and scripts for PANOO box setup and creation of configuration dongles.
  • PANOO "boxd" ("box daemon") software to control media player modules. Includes websocket API for PANOO Desktop Remote Control as well as PANOO Central communication functionality to access configuration data.
  • Mpv based PANOO player module for IPTV and web stream playback.

Controlled by Easy-to-use Desktop Remote Application

PANOO REMOTE application runs on MAC & Windows desktop PCs of editorial staff and studio technicians. The software allows for individual user selection of channels, volume, audio, favorites and other features....

PANOO REMOTE - core features

  • (a) PANOO REMOTE shows the tile layout of the connected box schematically. Icons of the selected programs are displayed on the tiles. With one click in this tile field a tile can be selected. The PANOO BOX plays the sound of the selected (“active”) tile. All other control functions (program, fullscreen) also refer to the selected tile.
  • (b) The program list contains all programs available in the system (also: streams, web content). The list can be filtered using the search field. The user can select a program for the active tile with a click; a program can also be placed onto one of the tiles via drag & drop.
  • (c) In the favorites list, the user can compile his personal PANOO program selection (drag & drop from the program list) and store it. A favorite can be assigned to a tile by mouse click or drag & drop.
  • (d) The layout selector can be used to switch between the layouts provided by PANOO BOX. The user can save the current layout including program assignment (“Remember”) and call it up again (“Get”). PANOO BOX can offer a configured standard assignment, which is called up with “Standard”.
  • (e) Control functions: “Volume”, “Mute” (mute), “Fullscreen” (tile full screen) and “Local Play” (program is displayed on your own desktop and can be viewed / listened to independently of the split screen)
  • (f) Name and status of the PANOO BOX to be controlled are displayed in the upper right corner. With a click of the mouse, the user can open a dialog to select another PANOO BOX.
  • (g) The "Info" button opens a view with PANOO system information and rarely required functions ("Logout", "Reset", "Reset favorites") Selected sources may be combined to build practical presets of multi-channel playout layouts. Since both PANOO BOX and PANOO REMOTE are individually administered by PANOO CENTRAL, setups and preferences may easily travel as editors and studio technicians switch workplaces.

Selected sources may be combined to build practical presets of multi-channel playout layouts. Since both PANOO BOX and PANOO REMOTE are individually administered by PANOO CENTRAL, setups and preferences may easily travel as editors and studio technicians switch workplaces.


Central Administration and Updates

Reliability and short maintenance times are key in the world of news. PANOO CENTRAL is an administration tool that allows for very lean support scenarios. One PANOO CENTRAL instance can service the whole PANOO BOX setup of even very large organizations.

PANOO CENTRAL - configuration server

PANOO central

The Panoo Central configuration server offers a browser-based administration interface for configuring and controlling the entire system:

User administration

  • Authorization of user logins via PANOO Remote
  • Storage of registrations and user preferences

PANOO BOX administration

  • Registration of PANOO-BOXES in the network
  • Start of operating system and software updates on PANOO-BOXES
  • Reset to defaults (layout, channel assignment)

Program list management

  • Management of one or more program lists (IPTV, web streaming, browser content)
  • Import and update of program lists from M3U data

Layout / layout list management

  • Management of layout definitions and lists

Default management

  • Definition / management of the initial assignment of PANOO-BOXES (layout list, initial layout, program list, favorites)

The PANOO CENTRAL configuration server also implements the necessary backend functions for PANOO BOX and PANOO REMOTE, with which configuration data are transmitted to the customers.

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